Middle School Ministry Sign Up & Parent Permission Form


We require parents/guardians of all middle school students to complete this form in order to participate in our youth group activities at St. Peter Lutheran Church.

Student's Birthday

I grant permission for my child, a minor, to participate in all St. Peter Evangelical Lutheran Church Youth Ministry activities that are held on or off site during the 2022-2023 school year. I understand that I may need to provide primary accident and/or medical insurance for my child. I assume all responsibility and liability for any injury to my child. I release and forever discharge the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, St. Peter Evangelical Lutheran Church and all of it's agents, servants, volunteers, employees, successors and other representatives from any and all damages and causes of action either at law or in equity which I may have as a result of my child's participation in, attendance at, and travel to and from St. Peter activities. I further give Julia Tougas/adult leaders authority to act on my behalf in the event I am not able to be reached by the phone number above and my child requires medical attention. By typing my name, I give the above authorization.*