National Youth Gathering 2022

Held every 3 years since 1980, the LCMS Youth Gathering provides thousands of youth and adults the opportunity to come together as a community of God’s people to be encouraged in their walk with Jesus Christ and learn about the Christian faith and their Lutheran identity.

The Gathering is more than the five days of the event. The preparation process for the Gathering brings together young people and supportive adults to encourage each other in their baptismal identity. The Gathering provides young people a vision for the vastness of Christ’s Church and equips them for vocational service as they continue their walk with Jesus.

This event is organized by LCMS Youth Ministry in Saint Louis, MO. For additional ways to connect to LCMS Youth Ministry, please contact Julia Tougas


Welcome to the craziness of jr. high youth group!

So why church? Why youth group? Why God?

Food, Fun and Games with Jesus is what I always say and I hope you say it, too! On Friday evenings  we meet from 3:15 pm-5:00 pm in the Hospitality  Room for some social time, fun time, food time and Jesus time.


Are you struggling to understand this Jesus stuff?

Are you finding it hard to talk to your friends about what it means to be a Christ follower?


Do you want to make friends and have a good time at church?

Then come check out our Jr. High Youth group on selected Friday's 

For more information contact: 


We believe children are gifts entrusted to parents by God. We also acknowledge that despite a parent's best intentions, it can be challenging to peel away their child's layers. Our youth group is designed to be a healthy place for jr. high kids to come together and talk freely and openly about life issues - to be able to ask questions about their faith that they may not be able to ask you right now.


The best education happens in the home where teaching moments occur regularly; nonetheless, when questions or concerns come up, youth group is a safe alternative to other places they could turn.

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Sacramento Street Ministry:

On the first Sunday of every month we prepare food and give it to the homeless. We meet at 8:00 in the gym and prepare a sack lunch and hot breakfast meal for them. We serve them breakfast at 9:15 at the Salvation Army and then return for church at 10:45. If you love to serve or need school service hours, this is a great way to gain that experience. This amazing ministry is for both Sr. high and adult's who would love to serve our church and lodi community and open to the public. If you are your family would love to help in this minsitry contact 

Exciting things happen at St. Peter youth group! Besides the wild games we occassionally play like scavenger hunts and Nerf Wars, we have some regular stuff you can be a part of to build your friendships and most importantly, your relationship with God:

Sunday Nights 6:00p - 8:00p. Hangout for the first 30 mins, a group game, dinner as a group, then Bible study and more hangout time. Come check it out in our Hospitality Room! Formaly known as #thefountain



Too often we hide from God. Even though he already knows what's in our hearts, we keep them closed off. Sometimes we even keep them closed off to everyone and everything. At St. Peter, we encourage the senior high youth to seek God in an open, honest way. We want them to ask questions, doubt, learn, struggle, hope, and most importantly, to get to know how wide and deep and high God's love is for us.

High school can be crazy sometimes, but it can also be some of the best years - especially when we know who we are in Christ and ask God daily to give us a new heart and make us a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). Our goal is help your teen embrace God. When we are vulnerable and exposed, Christ is the confidence we can rest in.